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Killington Stage Race 05/27/2013 - By Brett Wachtendorf

This weekend Alan Fody, Brett Houser and Brett Wachtendorf competed in the Killington Stage Race in Killington Vermont. The race consisted of 2 road stages and culminated in a Time Trial.  Saturday was a 72-mile circuit race on rolling terrain with a high tempo climb about half way through each 18 mile loop.  Brett Houser went for an early break about 4 miles in to the race.

Smoketown Airport Criterium 05/11/2013 - By Brett Houser

Houser Smoketown '13

Prior to the race weekend Alan had gotten in touch with myself and Pedro regarding who to look out for during the race on Saturday, noting the results of a couple accomplished racers in the field.  We were told to look out for Matt Randolph (Shirk's Racing, previously unattached), Dakota Schaeffer (Young Medalists), and Chris Meacham (D3DEVO/AIRGAS).  Exchanging a brief correspondence ab

Piscitello Law Criterium 05/05/2013 - By Alan Fody

I started the Piscitello Law Great Valley Criterium with the intention of sitting in along with my two temmates John Pressman and Pedro Campos, and wait for the field sprint. The course was notorious for ending in a bunch sprint in the Cat 3 race so I was just going to save my energy. 

Turkey Hill Country Classic 05/04/2013 - By Pedro Campos

Pedro Turkey Hill.png

It was a perfect day for the annual Turkey Hill Country Classic! The Cat 3/4 race counted with the presence of TSV Cat 3 riders Brett Houser, Johnathan Pressman, Alan Fody and myself, among the 100 riders who pre-registered. 

2008 CSC Manayunk Hill Climb - Register Online

Jun 6 2008 - 4:30pm
Jun 6 2008 - 8:00pm

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Also, Online Registration:

Justin Woulfe Win's PA State Cyclocross Championship

Jason Woulfe Cyclocross

Here is a report from Justin Woulfe on the final race of the season:

Wonderland Cyclocross Race-PA State Championships

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