2010 Coupe des Ameriques Stage Race

2010 Coupe des Ameriques - by Steve Lehman - At the sign-in for this 27th edition of the Coupe des Ameriques Stage Race in Sutton, Quebec it was apparent that this was going to be a special year. The number of entrants was greater than any previous year by an astounding 100 riders.

Winning off the Front with Limited Talents

First; although I have decent fitness, I was a lot more fit earlier in the year, so that had little to do with the win.

The trick here is that before and during the race I was watching a number of conditions and riders very closely.  I also counted on my team mates to make quick and logical decisions during the race ... and they did, perfectly.  

2008 Coup des Ameriques by Steve Lehman

steve lehman 2008 coupes

Sutton, Quebec – 4 - 6 July, 2008- I love and dread this event. This was the nineteenth time in twenty years I have come to the Coupe des Ameriques Stage Race. I’ve come to Sutton one time just to ride and share this beautiful area of Quebec, twice when I was too injured to ride and sixteen times to race. This year I came to compete.

2008 CSC Manayunk Hill Climb - Register Online

Jun 6 2008 - 4:30pm
Jun 6 2008 - 8:00pm

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Live and Learn by Steve Lehman

Steve Lehman

You know how I preach about executing every aspect of training perfectly, from warm up, to cool down and stretching?

TSV Strikes Gold, Silver and Bronze at Master's Track Nationals

Matt Diefenbach

A strong team of Tri-State Velo trackies, Julie Klinger, Matt Diefenbach, Taylor Fenstermacher, Jon Hallingstad, Steve Lehman, Jeff Moore, Jimmy Prestia and Neal Stansbury displayed their strengths in front of a hometown crowd at the Masters National Track Championships.

Steve Lehman's Coupe Des Ameriques Report

Steve Lehman Canada Crit

I have just completed the Coupe des Ameriques Stage Race here in Sutton, Quebec, Canada. Although I finished second on GC, I had a pretty good weekend. For three days I have been locked in a battle with John Sullivan, also 60 years of age, of Vancouver(Canada)Velo.

Back Pain Prevention

The first humans to walk fully upright were probably the first humans to suffer from backaches. It remains, even in this age of high-tech wonders, a bane of human existence. Affecting as many as eight of every 10 American adults at one time or another, back pain is one of our most intrusive, costly and annoying maladies.

Blood Clots and the Endurance Athlete by Steve Lehman

The Diagnosis

Masters Track Nats Update

Julie Klinger

Race Report from Julie Klinger
Hey Guys!
Got home from Indiana on Saturday night and just wanted to update everyone on last weeks events at the Major Taylor Velo.

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