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PA State Championship "Australian Express" 06/17/17 by Chris Baccash


The first race of the day was on the Schuylkill Expressway, 11 AM, sitting in traffic, attempting to pick the faster lane. Everything besides the traffic went as planned before the race. Number pinned, sugary foods eaten, all warmed up and ready to go.


Historic Riverton Criterium 6/8/2014 - By Dave Casale

The Historic Riverton Criterium is a top notch local race. It takes place on beautiful tree lined streets in South Jersey's Riverton, passing the local police department, library, middle school, a church, and the promoter's own house, all in a quick 1:36 lap.

2014 Naval Yard Criterium

The 2014 Naval Yard Criterium is permitted and up on BikeReg. We're happy to be in our 4th year of promoting this race in Philadelphia's blossoming Navy Yard, and hopeful that you are able to attend. 

Smoketown Airport Criterium 05/1/2013 - By Tim Manzella

Tim Staying Hydrated

The forecast for the Smoketown Criterium on Saturday was not looking good the whole week with scattered thunderstorms predicted for pretty much the whole day.  This has happened for this race before and it is an interesting course in the wet.  The course is located in Lancaster County at Smoketown Airport.

Smoketown Airport Criterium 05/11/2013 - By Brett Houser

Houser Smoketown '13

Prior to the race weekend Alan had gotten in touch with myself and Pedro regarding who to look out for during the race on Saturday, noting the results of a couple accomplished racers in the field.  We were told to look out for Matt Randolph (Shirk's Racing, previously unattached), Dakota Schaeffer (Young Medalists), and Chris Meacham (D3DEVO/AIRGAS).  Exchanging a brief correspondence ab

Piscitello Law Criterium 05/05/2013 - By Alan Fody

I started the Piscitello Law Great Valley Criterium with the intention of sitting in along with my two temmates John Pressman and Pedro Campos, and wait for the field sprint. The course was notorious for ending in a bunch sprint in the Cat 3 race so I was just going to save my energy. 

Turkey Hill Country Classic 05/04/2013 - By Pedro Campos

Pedro Turkey Hill.png

It was a perfect day for the annual Turkey Hill Country Classic! The Cat 3/4 race counted with the presence of TSV Cat 3 riders Brett Houser, Johnathan Pressman, Alan Fody and myself, among the 100 riders who pre-registered. 

Weekend Racing Recap 04/22/2013

Brett and Radioactive Man (Steal him if you can!)

This weekend marked the 'traditional' kick off of the PA racing calendar, with the 26th Annual Lower Providence Criterium on tap for Sunday. This day is generally when even the most stubborn warm weather racers will finally say goodbye to winter, and kick off their racing seasons.

Naval Yard Criterium 04/06/2013 - By Tim Manzella

The TSV Naval Yard Criterium was back for 2013 with a different course, still a six turn criterium specialist course, but mirror image of the previous year. It was windy like always in the Naval Yard, but by the time the P/1/2 race happened a little after 4pm it was sunny and warm out.

Thanks To Everyone for coming to our Naval Yard Criterium

TSV would llike to thank everyone for coming to our race on April 6th. We had great fields and really nice weather. I also want to thank all our members who came out and gave of his or her time to help put on a great race. 

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