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Tri-State Velo Riders to Compete in Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic

Tommy and Dave

Two Tri-State Velo elite team riders have been tapped to race the Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic on June 2nd.

Trusting the Universe during this Comedy of Errors epoch.


The past month has been an extremely hectic one for me. I have been hopping on and off airplanes every weekend for the past four weeks. Why am I subjecting myself to such "delicious" ( ahem) "USAirways Meal-in-a-box meals" and "Air-in-a-can" surroundings so often?

Tri-State Velo Returns to Open Category Racing in Splendid Fashion

TSV Elite Team

Tri-State Velo’s history has been highlighted by its development of some of the country’s finest cyclists.  That list of young riders includes Nicole Rienhart, Gideon Massie, Kyle Wamsley, Lauren Franges, Sarah Uhl and Cindy and Andy Lakatosh, just to name a few.  In more recent years for one reason or another we have become more of a master’s team.   While that has been rewarding the

Univest GP Race Report

After pulling into the racer's parking lot in the "team car" with Mike, Adrian, Zach Bolian (guest rider), and Neal were the only TSV guys to be found. We figured Chris and Bart had just gotten done with pre-riding the course again.

Adrian Gerrit's Hills of Housatonic Race Report

Adrian lined up for the Men's Cat 3 race by himself in a field of teams. The field started off at a fairly easy pace until the first hill when Adrian tried breaking away with a Louis Garneau team member, but they were reeled back in after 10 minutes of chasing.

Poolesville Road Race 5/14

Poolesville is a unique road race in that it has a 1.25 mile section of hard-packed dirt each lap. I decided to do this race because it was 5 laps for a total of 53 miles and the women in the DC area are notoriously strong. I was hoping for a challenging race and I got it!

Ronde Mullica Race Report by Susan Duff

Ronde Van Mullica Sunday, April 3, 2005-- This was my first race of the ’05 season. Sarah Charlesworth and I represented Tri-State Velo in a field of about 15 (not really sure). I had all of the usual first race anxiety (”Have I done enough miles/intervals/etc…”), compounded by some knee pain that I was trying to resolve.

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