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Race Report 2010 Nicole Reinhart Tour de FCC

Tri-State Velo One/Two - Submitted by Steve Lehman


This weekend (July 17 & 18, 2010)Tommy Schubert and Matt Waller were home alone. That is, with Nick Roeder and Booey Hottenstein out of town at the Tour of l'Abititbi in Canada, they were on their own at the Nicole Reinhart Memorial Tour de FCCC near Allentown.

Fitchburg Stage Race Report: Final Day 4, Downtown Criterium

Nick podium

If one picture is worth a thousand words, then this one says it all.

Nick Roeder won the final stage of the 2010 Fitchburg Stage Race, the Downtown Criterium. I'll have more to say on this as time is short for me and I have to get on with my other life...and work!

But the boys executed a perfect race yesterday. With Nick taking the win in a stunning last lap solo move.

Fitchburg Stage Race Update: Day 3 Individual Time Trial

Nick Maimone starts the time trial

Today was the individual time trail. This event usually decides the final standing or at least the final podium of any stage race.

I have to post them hastily this morning since we are getting the juniors ready for an 8 AM start of the final days criterium.
Today's plan for the criterium is to try for a stage podium with either Nick or Booey.

Fitchburg Stage Race: Day 2 Road Race

PJ feed at Fitchburg.jpg

Another good day today, good but long. Up at 6 AM and finished around 6 PM. Beautiful day, clear but it really got hot.

Fitchburg Stage Race Update: Day 1 Circuit

Just a quick update from Fitchburg. Terrible ride up in traffic..actually had to stop in Greenwich, CN to get a room because of bumper to bumper
traffic on I-95. Got into Fitchburg around 9:30 AM finally. Missed the junior race but here is what the team did today.

Juniors: Cat. 1/4  Strong international field of 84 riders:
Tommy Schubert: 22nd

Trusting the Universe during this Comedy of Errors epoch.


The past month has been an extremely hectic one for me. I have been hopping on and off airplanes every weekend for the past four weeks. Why am I subjecting myself to such "delicious" ( ahem) "USAirways Meal-in-a-box meals" and "Air-in-a-can" surroundings so often?

2010 Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial Results

Here are the results for the 2010 Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial. I have ammended some errors that the riders have reported to me.

I want to thank all the participants, support staff and our title sponsor, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, for making it a great success.

 It is my hope to make sure that this event continues and gets better every year.

2010 Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial, presented by Philadelphia Insurance Companies Final Start List

Here is the final list of entries and start times for the 2010 Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial, presented by the Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

 The list (in .xls format) shows all current entries and final start times. Please note your start time. It is your responsibility to allow enough time to pickup your number at registration, warm-up and make your start time.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: my Friend Steve at Ironsport Gym

Jalanine Ulsh and Krista Spuglio

I discovered IronSport Gym ( back in 2003. I was looking for a serious place to strength train specifically addressing the muscles involved in cycling, and was trying to avoid joining one of those horrible chain gyms like Fitness Planet, etc.

Tri-State Velo Returns to Open Category Racing in Splendid Fashion

TSV Elite Team

Tri-State Velo’s history has been highlighted by its development of some of the country’s finest cyclists.  That list of young riders includes Nicole Rienhart, Gideon Massie, Kyle Wamsley, Lauren Franges, Sarah Uhl and Cindy and Andy Lakatosh, just to name a few.  In more recent years for one reason or another we have become more of a master’s team.   While that has been rewarding the

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