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REPRINT OF ARTICLE: RYAN OELKERS– “I wouldn’t have changed a thing”

Cleveland, Ohio, 1949: and when Charles Bergna and Cecil Yates hoisted their bouquets over their heads little did they know that it would be more than 50 years before another US pairing would do the same thing.

It was Bergna’s third win in Cleveland, his final career total was five wins; Yates was more prolific with 16 wins – but it was the end of the Golden Age for US Six Day riders.

March 2012: from the Coach -BICYCLE RACING 101- by Coach Steve Lehman

Here are a couple of pointers to help you understand and execute a well thought out race. Racing a bicycle is one of the cruelest forms of competition. It will tax your cardio and muscular systems to their maximum while demanding your complete attention and ability to respond to the ebb and flow of the race without a moment‘s hesitation.


There are few things in cycling more gratifying or more productive than a group of riders (peleton) organized and riding for the common good. Assuming all riders being equal it stands to reason that several cyclists riding together and sharing the work at the front will outperform the individual rider. This is not always the case.

SLT Training Program Diagram

Hello Teammates and Fellow Cyclists, Once a month I will be posting training articles and coach notes I have written under "Coach’s Corner with Steve Lehman" on the Tri-Stave Velo website.

SLT to Sponsor TSV for 2012:

It is my pleasure to announce a new sponsor for 2012, Steve Lehman Tours, Ltd. Steve Lehman, Director, AKA Secundo, has been a faithful member and officer of TSV since the early days. While he has always been there for the team he has decided to take his support up a notch with a financial and service commitment.

Radio Interview with Steve and Sandy Lehman

Here is the much anticipated (ha, ha) interview of Sandy and Steve Lehman on the Outspoken Cyclist Radio Show on WJCU in Cleveland aired last Saturday. Although the entire interview is worth a listen our segment starts at about 33:30 minutes into the show.

Deep muscle compression leads to healthy muscle recovery.

Muscle recovery means less pain and faster times. One of the ways to improve recovery time is by using deep muscle compression through self massage. With a little bit of effort and some attention to technique, you'll experience less soreness, cramps, knots and other possible muscle related symptoms.

Radio Interview with Tom Kellogg, longtime TSV Member and master framebuilder.

Here is a great chance to listen to Tom Kellogg, from Spectrum Cycles, talk about how he got into building his amazing bicycles. You can even find out why he sounds the way he does! Just some great stuff from a great guy.

Here is the link:


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Nick Roeder's Race Journal

Nick Roeder Podiums at the 2011 Junior PCT Grand Prix

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Nick Roader Poadiums at the 2011 Junior PCT Grand Prix


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