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2012 Philadelphia Time Trial Results

Thanks again for everyone that came out and all who helped with the event.

 Hope to see you all again next year.

 Ron Ruggiero

Tour of Somerville 5/27 - By Dave Casale

Memorial day weekend in the Delaware valley brings a few standard things along with it; hot dogs and hamburgers on the barbeque, the first time that the mercury usual peaks passed 90°F, the unofficial start of summer, and for cyclists in the area it means Somerville.


I’m learning the hard way how humbling this area is. This morning I had eaten at this café with Mike Midlarsky. Mike is a bike racer from the States on the Garmin Development team.

The Belgium Experience by Tommy Schubert

                  Mondays in Belgium are very calm. There are no races on Mondays and it seems like national café ride day. Since there was no racing a few of us went on a café ride out of town.

Belgium Baby 5/20 - By Tommy Schubert

What else can I say but wow. This place is one-hundred times better than I thought. No exaggeration. The people, food, racing, roads, and cow-shit are all excellent. Most of the racing here starts at 15:00 so there is never a rush in the morning also.

Belgium Bound 5/18 - By Tommy Schubert

So the journey begins... While sitting in Starbucks talking to a family from the Netherlands reality is starting to hit me. Ooo-Ja. I am about to make the pilgrimage to cycling Meca. Belgium. OOoo-Ja. I am not exactly sure what to expect from the experience. I will be visiting Belgium for a little over three weeks and will be racing four to five days a week.

Tour of the Dragons 2012

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of racing the Tour of the Dragons - a challenging 2 day, 3 stage race held in the Green Mountains of Vermont - with teammates Dave Casale, Nick Roeder, Alan Fody, Keith Hatton, and Jeff Moore.  Coming into the race I had good memories of success as

THE RACE by Stevel Lehman



2012 Naval Yard Criterium Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and made our race a great success.

 Here is the link to the results at USA Cycling.

Again, thanks to everyone that came out and also helped with the race.

Ron Ruggiero

REPRINT OF ARTICLE: RYAN OELKERS– “I wouldn’t have changed a thing”

Cleveland, Ohio, 1949: and when Charles Bergna and Cecil Yates hoisted their bouquets over their heads little did they know that it would be more than 50 years before another US pairing would do the same thing.

It was Bergna’s third win in Cleveland, his final career total was five wins; Yates was more prolific with 16 wins – but it was the end of the Golden Age for US Six Day riders.

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