Univest GP Race Report

After pulling into the racer's parking lot in the "team car" with Mike, Adrian, Zach Bolian (guest rider), and Neal were the only TSV guys to be found. We figured Chris and Bart had just gotten done with pre-riding the course again. :) We immediately got into the pre-race-nervous-frenzy getting signed in, numbers pinned, and chamois cream in the appropriate spots with plenty of time to spare. Adrian's 3 friends from the Penn Cycling team showed up a little later but managed to find the feed caravan and took off with Mike and Bart's Dad. 150 riders lined up for the "neutral" start which was probably the most unneutral start I've ever seen.

The field of 160 riders was immediately strung out and the TSV boys rode the first surge in the middle of the pack to conserve energy for what was guaranteed to be an intense race. The field stayed strung out until the first KOM climb which was a free for all to the top at which point a false flat stretched out for 3 miles ahead which shaved the back 10% of the field off. At this point a there was a break of 10 riders off the front and
the field again began it's chase. It was not until the 2K sign for Ikely camethat the pack began to slow as everyone prepared for the 20% grade hill. Halfway up the helacious hill, riders began to crack, Adrian had to dodge around 3 guys who actually got off and walked up the hill; learning a valuable lesson in positioning going into a climb. After this hill shaved off another large portion of the field, the pack slowed down going through the feed zone, which I might add was the most well-manned field zone in TSV history as Mike, Bart's Dad, and the 3 Penn riders got bottles to all the TSV riders.

The field slowly dwindled on the last 20 miles into town. TSV impressively had all 5 riders make it to the finishing circuit and 4 actually finish the race. Zach made an attempt to go with the first chase group that went off the front when the field hit the circuit. He made a valiant effort for several laps but finally popped and proceeded to try to stay ahead of the field. By the time the field caught him, he was in some serious pain, as were Bart, Adrian, and Neil who had managed to hang onto the field. In the meantime, the 5 feeders were trying to refill bottles as fast as they could as Adrian was taking a bottle per lap. Adrian managed to hang on to the back of the field for 43rd place with Neil, Bart, and Zach dropping off on the last lap to come in 51st, 52nd, and 53rd respectively. All in all it was a great day for the team considering the depth of the field (Belgian, French, German, and Dutch national teams.) In fact, TSV finished more riders than any other team.

The team would like to thank the club and sponsors for all their generous support. And a special thanks goes to Bart Torre Sr. and Adrian's Upenn friends for manning the feed zone.