Philly 2-Day by Maria Collazo

Philadelphia, PA Race Dates: April 9th & 10th: The Philly 2-Day was held as an omnium weekend. For most of us, this outing was our first race of the season. After having not race since last summer, this was the weekend to work out some kinks and rediscover racing, recover our racing legs and rediscover racing as a group. In attendance were: Karen Bechtold, Sarah Charlesworth, Sue Duff, Christine Fox, Julie Klinger, Lynda Maldonado, Michelle Suplick and me.

Saturday's course was a 2.5 mile flat-to-rolling circuit. This year's event was run in the opposite direction than last year. I think this change was a positive move and made the finish much more interesting. Our race was spirited with everyone remaining active throughout most of the race. The goal of the race was to ensure at least 2 TSV riders landed in the final break, if this was how things unfolded. Sarah Uhl was in our race and soloed away from us with about 8 or 9 laps remaining. Part way through 6 laps to go, a small chase group formed which included Sue Duff, Jackie Paull, Michelle Bote, Diane Castor and Chrissy Saraceni. We missed getting a second rider in the chase group. This group stayed away until the finish with Sue taking 3rd overall (just getting pipped at the line by a "limpet"). With about 1km to go, Julie went to the front to lead our group up to the final rise before the finish. Noticing Marcie Massaro moving up on the left side, I sprinted off the front to take the 7th spot (the final spot for the overall standings). At the end of the day, we were sitting in 3rd & 7th position because of some decent teamwork.

Sunday, day 2 of the event was held in FDR Park in South Philly. This 1.6 mile course was pancake flat with no turn but more of a curvy circuit. This day was not our best outing and fell short of what I know we are capable of achieving. Instead of taking advantage of our numbers and race aggressively, we rode somewhat conservatively. The race came down to a sprint with Sue finishing 5th. With this placing and her nearest competitors finishing many places back, Sue moved up to 2nd overall.

The Farmersville weekend is omnium for some and single events for others.

Thanks for reading.

Maria Elena Collazo