FYBO South Jersey Spring Series 03/02/2014 - By Alan Fody

After this long, cold, and snowy winter I was excited and nervous about the first race of the year. I thought I was fit but I had no idea how good or bad the other riders in the race would be. My initial plan was to sit in the field and wait for the sprint. That plan lasted all of 2 laps when the field slowed and I threw a little attack. No one followed so I took it easy until the field brought me back. After a series of failed attacks from various riders, I decided to go back to my original plan and sit in the field. The instant I decided to sit in, a rider from Penn, who was pointed out to me as being very strong before the race, attacked. I waited for a lap to see how he went solo and I thought he was too dangerous to let go. I attacked into a series of three tight turns, knowing that I could go through them much faster than the field, and I was clear to bridge across. I caught the Penn rider about 1/3 of the way through the race. The two of us worked together well with only a small scare about 2/3's of the way through the race when our 20+ second gap closed to 15 seconds. Fortunately the field gave up after a few laps and we were able to extend our lead back out to a comfortable margin.

With 5 laps to go I felt that we were going to survive and I started thinking about how I could win. Initially I tried to gradually shift the point where we were trading pulls so that he would pull into the finish. That plan didn't work out so I decided to just wait till the last lap and try to sit on his wheel, we had a 20+ second gap so I felt ok with slowing down to get a better sprint position. When it was my turn to pull I just sat on his wheel and didn't come around, luckily for me he accepted it and pulled the whole final lap. I started wide into the final corner so that I could carry more speed and cut inside of him, then I sprinted for the win. It was very nice to win the first race of the year after going winless on the road last year.