Pedro Campos Wins Cat 3 PA State Criterium 07/28/2013 - By Pedro Campos

Team Celebrating the Win

That cycling is a team sport I already knew. But that fact gained a whole new meaning for me after this weekend's experience. Thanks to outstanding teamwork, communication and immense effort from teammates Alan Fody and Brett Houser, I finished off the sprint and crossed the line in 1st place for our win at the Liberty Criterium State Championship Cat 3 race.
As usual with the Great Valley Corporate Center course considering its non-technical nature, the race was fast paced and contained a hungry peloton. That didn't stop it from being aggressive. Brett worked hard on a very promising early break of 6 that eventually got caught. Many other attempts went up the road during the first half of the race, all being brought back fairly quickly. Then Alan checked in with me and we talked about how we were feeling. Shortly afterwards, Alan responded to a big solo attack and the 2 of them got the biggest gap seen in the race, with Brett blocking very actively. That move lasted for several laps but was brought back as well. 
With a little more than 1 lap to go, I followed a strong organized acceleration from 4 or 5 riders who completely seized their effort on top of the hill from corner 1 once they realized they did not get away. This left me in the wind! I was desperately focused on not pedaling too hard and staying alert when I heard Alan screaming my name repeatedly and approaching fast from my left side before the downhill section. I downshifted twice and let the resonance from the gear changes on my carbon rim do all the acknowledging. We were flying. There was .75 lap to go, Alan was hammering it, I was second wheel, it was scary because it was so early. The fear turned into excitement because Alan never faded. He was generating monster wattage for so long and keeping the speed just perfect for the leadout. I screamed at him: "A little longer buddy!". Coming into the last corner, sensing some reactions behind us, I knew it was time to empty my tank towards the line in a final all out sprint. 

I have been establishing myself as a sprinter, but my biggest goal now is to work on the versatility needed to try and retribute to these guys!  Thank you again Alan and Brett, I'm lucky to have you as teammates!