Iron Hill Twilight Criterium 07/06/2013 - By Dave Casale

Steve on Podium at Iron Hill - if only the beer was better ;P

TSV category 2/3 riders were able to generate fantastic results at the Iron Hill Criterium this year, after a very difficult outing last season at this particular race. Racers must first compete in a morning qualifier at a local West Chester school, and then compete in the evening race some 6 hours later. In the past editions under this format, the best riders in the morning were not necessarily the best in the evening, but there was still some cautious optimism that our riders would be able to perform well in both the morning and evening races. TSV had several riders at the races, including Brett Wachtendorf, Nick Roeder, Tim Manzella, Steve Wentworth, and Keith Hatton.

Five riders were able to qualify for the finals, with Tim and Keith having past experience at Iron Hill and at the qualifying races. Steve and Nick were able to notch 7th and 9th respectively in the Cat 1/2 qualifier, with Brett coming in 12th for the Cat 2 qualifier. 

In the highly animated evening amatuer final, Amoroso's Racing Team was able to score all 5 riders in the top 20, with 2 riders in the top 5! Steve was able to attack himself into the winning break, managing 2nd to a wiley veteran, while Nick came home in 4th overall from the field sprint. A fantastic set of results in a very fun atmosphere at the Iron Hill Criterium.