JBN & Course de Evesham-Marlton-Evesham 06/30/2013 - By Dave Casale

The Bread Boys @ Greentree

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have 7 riders at Course de Evesham-Marlton-Evesham, better known as the Thursday night Greentree course, with 6 riders competing in the 1/2/3 event. Looking to animate the race, the 1/2/3 TSV boys did a very good job of attempting to make it into just about every group up the road, without burning too many matches. On a few occasions we successfully navigated multiple riders into breakaways, which is always a plus. After about two-thirds of the race, it did not look like a breakaway was going to be successful, but Steve Wentworth was able to sneak away with another rider, and gain some distance with another rider to attempt one more breakaway. Unfortunately, the second rider was not able to hold pace falling back to the peleton, and the chase was on from the field to bring Steve back.

With just 3 laps to go, Keith Hatton made a wise attack, gaining some distance on the field, but never garnering the cooperation of another rider to take a flyer for the finish. After receiving the bell for the final lap, Keith was absorbed at the riser on the backside of the course. Dave was well position near the front of the group, and was able to negotiate the lead up to the sprint well, taking the outside line before the final corner. Entering the final corner, Dave was able to get a jump from third wheel to take the win in the sprint to the line. Later in the morning, Dave Angel competed in what he described as a leisurely Cat 5 race, and was able to come in a solid 15th place.

Meanwhile, Nick Roeder was busy flying solo in the Lehigh Valley, taking part in the 2/3 race at JBN. Nick was animating the race as usual, and after being boxed in for the sprint managed 3rd place overall, and was the 1st U23 finisher.  Master's racers Jeff Moore and Jay Hoffman competed in their respective state championships, performing well but unfortunately missing out on the state championships this season, but definitely setting some fast times out on the course.

Very good results for the efforts put forth by the team in all races in the area this weekend. Good job everyone!