Killington Stage Race 05/27/2013 - By Brett Wachtendorf

This weekend Alan Fody, Brett Houser and Brett Wachtendorf competed in the Killington Stage Race in Killington Vermont. The race consisted of 2 road stages and culminated in a Time Trial.  Saturday was a 72-mile circuit race on rolling terrain with a high tempo climb about half way through each 18 mile loop.  Brett Houser went for an early break about 4 miles in to the race. With little reaction from the peloton it seemed that he would be off the front for some time but the peloton decided otherwise and he was eventually caught. The weather proved to be the stiffest competition on the day with temps in the mid 30s accompanied by rain/snow and wind of 20-30mph. With under 5k to go on the second lap the group was informed that it would be our last, cutting the race in half. Everyone finished with the same time, virtually equal on GC

Day 2 was a 61-mile point-to-point road race finishing at the base of the Killington Ski Resort. The weather was chilly but the rain and the sun even decided to show itself. Brett Houser found himself off the front again within 5 miles of the start. This time the break seemed it would stick for some time as Alan Fody, provided solid blocking for Houser to put time into the group on a windy decent. This would give Alan and Brett Wachtendorf some rest as other riders would be forced to chase. Houser and his lead group were caught shortly after the start of the first KOM of the day. With many attempts to get off the front, the group stayed together with the exception of one guy. Brett Wachtendorf sat in for the majority of the race waiting for the final 7 miles of the race where the terrain kicked upwards and would gain nearly 1,200 feet of elevation. Putting in a huge effort to chase the leader off the front, Wachtendorf would make it to the 2nd KOM of the day with 2 others where an attack proved too much to follow. Going solo for about 3 miles he was caught by a 5-man chase group and would finish 9th on the stage 34 seconds off the lead. Alan would finish 42nd and Houser 56th.

Day 3, the all-decisive time trial, a race against the clock seemed like the perfect way to finish up the weekend. Sunny and clear skies, a beautiful day to decide the GC, 11 miles of gradual uphill and headwinds was what each rider would face that day.  Brett Houser was the first TSV rider to go with Alan to follow and Wachtendorf to finish up. The winds picked up as the Cat 3 riders rolled off the finish line leaving each rider to deal with a head/crosswind. The fastest TSV rider on the day was Brett Wachtendorf finishing in 26:36, 1:02 off the lead placing him 11th on the day and finishing 6th on GC, Alan Fody would finish 36th overall and Brett Houser 47th.

I would like to thank Alan and Brett H. for their help and support during the races as well as the weekend, we set out to place me high on GC and we did that quite successfully. I'd also like the thank Tim Manzella for his time trial bars and skin suit.