Piscitello Law Criterium 05/05/2013 - By Alan Fody

I started the Piscitello Law Great Valley Criterium with the intention of sitting in along with my two temmates John Pressman and Pedro Campos, and wait for the field sprint. The course was notorious for ending in a bunch sprint in the Cat 3 race so I was just going to save my energy. 

A few laps into the race a lone rider attacked and quickly built a 20 second gap. One team put on a half hearted chase for a few laps but they were not able to pull the rider back so they motioned for other riders to pull and the field slowed significantly. I took note of the lack of interest and waited for the field to slow again to attack. I attacked with about 18 laps remaining and brought 1 rider with me. We traded pulls and worked our way across to the lone leader over the course of a few laps.

With 8 laps to go a group of 7 riders bridged up to our group of 3. Fortunately my teammate John Pressman managed to follow the move up. I contributed a few small pulls until the official informed us that we had a minute on the field. At that point I decided to see how john was doing and to sit in and wait for the sprint. There were a few weak attacks but no one was strong enough to get away. 

With 1 lap to go it was time to find a good wheel for the sprint. 2 QCW riders lined up on the front and 2 Young Medalist riders lined up behind them. One of the Young medalist riders was a great sprinter so I hopped into 5th position. The lead rider attempted to lead his teammate out but he only made it about 1/2 a lap. Then the a Young Medalist riders came through and lead his teammate out for the sprint. The second Young Medalist rider went for the sprint out of the last turn and I followed his wheel until 100m from the line. I attempted to swing around but I my legs weren't up for the task and I finished Second. John started the sprint from farther back and he was forced to come across a gap that had opened out of the last corner and was only able to finish 5th. Pedro finished 2nd in the field sprint for 11th place. After racing together a few times our Cat 3 squad is finally coming together and racing well as a team.