Turkey Hill Country Classic 05/04/2013 - By Pedro Campos

Pedro Turkey Hill.png

It was a perfect day for the annual Turkey Hill Country Classic! The Cat 3/4 race counted with the presence of TSV Cat 3 riders Brett Houser, Johnathan Pressman, Alan Fody and myself, among the 100 riders who pre-registered. 

The field stayed together for the most part with no big moves up the road, though it was difficult to get up to the front. The not-so-false flats and rolling hills put a hurting on me but I convinced myself that others were hurting just as much. I wasn't sure what to expect of the infamous "Gamber Wall", to be confronted on the last 2 out of 8 total laps but it turned out to suit me well. Ultimately, it all came down to a field sprint; a subject we discussed extensively just this week. Perfect! I found an opening with several hundred meters still to go while sitting at about 10th position, it was clear I had to do it then. Our work paid off: 2nd place!