Weekend Racing Recap 04/22/2013

Brett and Radioactive Man (Steal him if you can!)

This weekend marked the 'traditional' kick off of the PA racing calendar, with the 26th Annual Lower Providence Criterium on tap for Sunday. This day is generally when even the most stubborn warm weather racers will finally say goodbye to winter, and kick off their racing seasons. For many of us, we are over a month into our seasons, but for some, this is still only their first or second race of the season, and a great one at that.

We had two racers finish in the 55+, 45+, Cat 4, Cat 1/2/3 fields, three racers in the Cat 5, and 4 racers in the Cat 3 field. Pedro Campos came home with a 5th place in the Cat 3 race, with Jon Pressman just behind in 10th. Alan worked trying to force a breakaway, on a very difficult course for breakaways to stick, and was unable to get the correct group together.

I like to do pre-race meetings with my teammates. It gives everyone some time to say how they feel, if they are super motivated for the race, or if they are just on an off day. When the course is right, teammates are going great, and the competition is fair, a good pre-race meeting can turn into a perfectly executed plan with a great result. When the field has 5-6 professional riders, very good regional riders, and all the best local riders, the pre-race meeting can be a little quiet. In that case, sometimes the best game plan is as follows: Ride hard, pedals go like this (make pedaling motion with hands), don't chase down teammates. Simple, concise, and relatively stress free prior to the intense race only minutes away. The 1/2/3 was a blast, and I was OK with my place, though I would have hoped for a little bit more. Steve Wentworth did a great job in our first time racing together, and he'll be up to speed in no time, handling the notoriously tight elite fields. 

Collegiate rider Brett Wachtendorf had a very good weekend up in Rhode Island, scoring a 5th place in the collegiate A 'Rhode' race at RISD. Tommy Schubert is gearing up for nationals (where Brett will also be racing), and beginning his track season as well. I'm looking forward to racing with Tommy once he comes back up north, and hopeful to see Brett tearing up local climbs any time now. 

Up next Sunday we have a super local crit, BLP Grand Prix at the Greentree Thursday night crit course. Last year, all 3 races at Greentree finished from breakaways, so we will see if that theme continues again this year. When you can ride to and from a race, it's always a bonus, so I will definitely be enjoying the weekend's race. Proceeds from this event benefit the Ronald McDonald house, in memory of local racer Ryan Pettit's six-year-old daughter Brianna, who died in October 2009 following surgery to correct a heart defect.

I'm sure everyone will be out testing their legs this Thursday at Greentree, and if you do attend be sure to hop out with 5 laps to go to find me in the parking lot. I'll be leading some criterium drills on the grass next to the parking lot, suited to new and experienced riders alike. It'll be worth it, trust me, these drills are a blast.

See you all soon.