Weekend Racing Recap 04/08/2013

Amoroso's Team and Lil Dan's 2013 Naval Yard

Some nice weather finally hit the area this weekend, and I'm sure all of us were very relieved to finally wear short sleeved anything for the first time, in a long time. The weekend was full for most of the team, with the Naval Yard Criterium being hosted and raced eagerly by TSV members on Saturday, with a few places to race locally on Sunday as well.

Racers competing at Naval Yard included John Capaldo, Dave Angel, James Baliko, Pedro Campos, Jon Pressman, Keith Hatton, Tim Manzella, Nick Roeder, Richard Steele, Chris Hepp, and a few others that I'm sure I missed. I spent most of the day on the microphone while trying to avoid freezing during the early, windier, races. Ron was busy dealing with everything necessary as promoter of the race, while Cassandra King was doing her best to keep track of laps and racers while officiating with our top notch crew we had for the day. The crowd was also fortunate to watch a women's field that contained two national criterium champions, Theresa Cliff Ryan (USA) and Kimberley Wells (AU), with local riders battling them in the break and the field sprint, holding their own quite well. 

After a fantastic chicken cutlet sandwich on an Amoroso's Roll (The Godfather) from Lil Dan's, I jumped into the final race of the day and managed 7th out of the breakaway. Keith placed 15th and Tim 22nd from the field, with many riders abandoning along the way. Fortunately, Dan's sandwich remained in my body, though that wasn't assured for the first 30 minutes of the race as the pace was very fast while the breakaway was being established. The field was belled to finish their race a few laps earlier than the breakaway, and the viewers were then given a nice show of classic negative racing, with lots of talking and swerving all over the road by the participants left in the breakaway. Slow became the new fast for a couple of laps, until racing resumed with 2 laps to go. I had fun as always, and was happy with a decent result after being on my feet all day, with good teammates for company.

Collegiate riders Neal Overbeck and Brett Wachtendorf were at Shippensburg for the weekend, both performing well in their events on both days. Tommy Schubert has continued his tear in the south, continuing to get good results in both collegiate and open races. I'm looking forward to seeing this guys racing categorized events sometime in the next two months once the collegiate season is finished. Brett Houser was also out at Shippensburg for the 2/3 race on Sunday, and he managed to get 19th in a very strong looking field. 

Jeff Moore, Chris Hepp, John Capaldo, Jon Pressman, Keith, and I all headed to Mullica the following day, for true South Jersey flatland racing. Chris had a good result with 8th in the 55 plus, and Jon was detached by the breakaway just before the finish, but still managed 13th in the Cat 3 race. Keith and I enjoyed some more negative racing, and with 1 lap to go were patiently sitting at the back of the bunch, with a large breakaway up the road. Shortly thereafter, a young junior found his way into a construction barrel in turn two, and Keith's Zipp 404 found it's way into his ribs seconds later. I saw the crash and I must say, it was impressive how far off the ground Keith managed to get while doing a foward roll with his bicycle. The front wheel was easily 2 feet above the ground, with the bike about 90° out of the position it should be in. Fortunately, Keith managed to get up with only scrapes and a nice stiff back, hopped in the wheel car, and got a ride back to the start line bike mostly intact. I managed to find one of his bottles, about 200 feet down the road, before riding back to the start line myself. 

Up next weekend we have another BAR race coming up on Saturday, SoYoCo, for the grind it out specialists. In addition, I know that we will have Todd Bauer, Ben Nester, Fred Schmidt, Steve Wentworth, and Keith Hatton racing Battenkill this weekend; I wish them luck on the dirt roads of NY. The following weekend we have Lower Providence, which is a fantastic race in the area. 

See you all soon.