Weekend Racing Recap 03/25/2013

Lazy weekend for me, just some training out in SJ, with a few riders on the club joining for the UNO ride. Alan Fody, Jon Pressman, Pedro Campos, and Brett Houser were down at the SJ crit, getting used to racing with each other some more. Some lessons learned there as always, with Alan getting his lucky 6th again at that race, with riders blocking and trying to let the breakaway get up the road.

Tommy got a huge result racing with his Cumberland team, getting 2nd at the Hell of the South RR, in what looked like a very legitimate field. Collegiate cross season is paying dividends for Tommy. It looks like most other local collegiate guys took an easy weekend as well, after freezing nearly to death on the plateau last weekend. I used bar mitts all weekend, I'm softer than white bread at this point and need some real spring weather to keep my hands and feet warm.

I'm off to Hell of Hunterdon this Saturday, and won't be racing this upcoming weekend since its Easter. The only thing particularly nteresting going on is a Branchbrook training race, which is a good one to go up and try if you never have. Victoria and I both won at the Cherry Blossom race held on the same course (back to back races), pure sprinter's course, so I've had good experiences there. Whenever I do well at a race, I treat myself to Chipotle as a reward, so that was a double Chipotle night (gotta have rituals in any sport).

Next real important race is Naval Yard on the 6th. We could use more volunteers at the race, so if you or your family members could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Helping volunteer isn't a bad gig, and can help interested people learn more about bike racing while lending an appreciated hand. Putting on a bicycle race in Philadelphia proper is difficult, and we need support to keep these local races happening. If you can help, please send Ron an email at tri-statevelo@verizon.net  

I'll be there playing questionable music and announcing in the most monotone voice I can muster, from about 6:30 am on. It'll be a good day, so get everybody out.


See you all soon