Weekend Racing Recap 03/18/2013

What a bizarre weekend for racing in Philadelphia. Saturday Brett Houser and Alan Fody had a fun day of racing in the rain, with Alan getting a good result at the Phlyer 3/4. The 1/2/3 was just absurd, with snow falling heavily before the start, and heavy sleet during the race. They eventually cancelled both the A and the 1/2/3 a few laps in, and it took me about twice as long to warm up once we stopped. All for the best, since I had just quit from the head of the race anyway. Keith Hatton is apparently a very warm blooded person, and was fine once we got to the car. I shivered for 40 minutes just trying to feel my hands, while he was having a full conversation about topics other than surviving hypothermia. Neal Overbeck was able to keep his bike together for both the B crit and road race this week, scoring points for Drexel in each race. Brett Houser also had a good result in the Sunday crit, and I am patiently waiting for him to crack one off and get an awesome result.  I'm still waiting to hear on Nick's result in the 2/3 (I heard good things initially on a hard crit), but he was down with Tommy racing Cigar City in Tampa this weekend. What a shame to be racing in warm sunshine in March...Tommy had an awesome result in the P/1 race, getting 37th in a field full of Pros. He got his first taste of the United Healthcare blue train, and hopefully we'll be able to slot in behind them a couple times as a team this year, and sneak in an even better result.  I don't have much going on this weekend on the racing front, just some solid training for a couple weeks. See you all soon.