Olympic REPORT #1 - Behind the Scenes (LAUREN TAMAYO, formerly Franges, is a TSV Alumni)

Friends and family.

I know a lot of you are asking how things are. So I figured I would email out a daily report.
This is intended for Lauren's close friends and family. If you think I missed someone let me know and I can add them to my emails. (Lauren Franges Alumni)

I will also send some updates on tv schedules and how to watch it on TV. Dad your own your own in Mexico. Sorry buddy!

She has been at the Olympic village for 3 days now.

Day 1 I can tell you she was grumpy and nervous. But all of you know Lauren showing no weakness. The full day of processing and getting through security.  All of her clothing. Getting situated in her dorm which will be her home for 18 days.
It's the silly things you don't think about. Like. Where is the dining hall. What is the wifi. Who are these other 10,000 athletes.
Thinking ahead Lauren flew with her pillow from home. And we bought her an ikea down comforter for her to be a bit more comfortable. (it really is the little things) I am going to hate to see my credit card bill at the end of August! Once in a lifetime is all I say every time I swipe it;)

Day 2
She seemed a bit more settled.  She got to ride and relax the legs and the head. Tried on one of the 30 different ball caps the athletes get(why do you need 30 different ball caps?)
In typical Lauren fashion "what do I do with all this stuff, how do I travel with it and how do I store it!"  
Everyone else I know would be saying "look at all this free shit! I am going to walk around like Captain america!"

Lauren did choose to skip the opening ceremonies. She wants to focus on winning and that is going to require every ounce of energy. It's a hard decision to make, because it's a lifetime opportunity. But coming home with a medal will last even longer.  So instead of standing for 6 hours. She rested in her dorm and focused on racing. Would you expect anything less from her?
(sorry to all of those that thought you saw her on tv!  And yes there where several of you :) you must have seen another cute blonde)
Lauren instead will be attending the closing ceremonies.  Once she is done racing she will be taking on the Olympic life and experience.  

Day 3
Today was the first day for the girls on the velodrome.
When I spoke with her on the phone. She was back to normal Lauren. The pain in the ass princess we all love.  It was obvious that getting on the track and riding her bike on it and focusing on a training session just settled the nerves even further.
Training went well nothing crazy to report. Day 1 of real training at the Olympic track. For those of you that dont know. She rode the track in February when they raced a world cup on it. S it's not a completely foreign stadium.
The highlight of the day seems to be that the is all different kinds of great hummus in the dining hall.  Again its the little things.

Her view from the balcony of her dorms is the Korean dorms across the court yard. And in the distance the Olympic stadium. Which on opening night was lit up with all kinds of lights.

A fun statistic that I like to remind myself of is.
314 million Americans. 537 USA athletes. She is one of them. Do the math!
7billion people in the world. 10,960athletes total at olympics.

Michael Tamayo




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