The Belgium Experience by Tommy Schubert

                  Mondays in Belgium are very calm. There are no races on Mondays and it seems like national café ride day. Since there was no racing a few of us went on a café ride out of town. Riding around we saw riders from Quickstep, Lotto, Garmin, and Drapac all just riding easy and relaxing at the café’s.  The majority of Café’s in America do not compare to the Café’s here. The café’s around Oudenaarde are very personal. My favorite part is the copious amounts of fresh backed pastries and bread in their displays. Afterwards we split apart and went our own ways. I had to do some exploring. I decided to do some exploring on some of the farm roads outside of town. 30 lefts and 40 rights later I ended up on the Flanders course. The roads they race on are so small. Even in the kermis’s the majority of the roads are 12ft wide. I later managed to find my way back to the town center and then back home. I just cannot explain how excited I am to be here. I somehow feel a part of the culture here. Almost everyone thinks I am Belgian here and seem a little disappointed when I say sprecht du Engils? Thank you for reading my posts. My next update will be Wednesday May 23 after the Kermis.  5/21