Belgium Bound 5/18 - By Tommy Schubert

So the journey begins... While sitting in Starbucks talking to a family from the Netherlands reality is starting to hit me. Ooo-Ja. I am about to make the pilgrimage to cycling Meca. Belgium. OOoo-Ja. I am not exactly sure what to expect from the experience. I will be visiting Belgium for a little over three weeks and will be racing four to five days a week. The racing is faster, harder and less forgiving than U.S. racing. Everyone I talk to that previously raced overseas says the same thing to me. "You will come back a changed person".

I have been dreaming about racing overseas for as long as I can imagine. I do not think it is fair to put a time period on it. Since it has been in the back of my mind before I started racing. Now this is becoming reality. This time tomorrow I will be doing what I love to do in a place foreign to me. Until this year the farthest West I been was Nashville and the farthest East I been was the Jersey Shore. Seriously. This trip may widen my horizons just a little bit. OoooOo-Ja. Lets see what tomorrow brings.