2011 Philadelphia Naval Yard Criterium

I am very excited to announce that TSV is promoting more amatuer racing in Philadelphia. The Philadephia Naval Yard Criterium will be held on Sunday, April 10th at the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

The race will be the first PA BAR event of the 2011 racing season. The women's events will be part of the PA Women's Racing Series and the Junior event will be part of the PA Junior Racing Series.

Online registration is open. I urge you all to pre-reg to help us make the event a great success. Here is the link:

The race flyer can be downloaded from this report.

There is also a map of the course.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and I look forward to a great event,

Ron Ruggiero
Promoter / TSV

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Naval Yard Criterium Flyer.pdf20.22 KB
New Naval Yard Course with Locations.pdf225.49 KB
Naval Yard Course Turn by Turn.doc22 KB