Fitchburg Stage Race: Day 2 Road Race

PJ feed at Fitchburg.jpg

Another good day today, good but long. Up at 6 AM and finished around 6 PM. Beautiful day, clear but it really got hot.

The juniors went off at  9:10 AM, we got there with 5 minutes to spare due to my taking a northern route instead of southern! Needless to say, when we saw the sign that said welcome to New Hampshire, things got pretty hectic. But thanks to young technological minds and hands, that got the GPS to work, we made it.

They did well. Tommy Schubert made the second group chasing the breakaway of 4 riders and worked hard to stay up in the final selection. The other boys were actually making headway to closing the gap to the leaders but their field had to be neutralized and they lost big time today.

Wachusett Mountain Road Race:
Juniors: 41 miles, 4 laps. Ave. Speed: 24.16 mph
Tommy Schubert: 12th
Matt Waller: 39th
Booey Hottenstein: 42nd
Nick Roeder: 43rd

Tommy Scubert: 16th GC 47 seconds back

Cat 2 Men: 75 miles, 7 laps, Ave. Speed: 23.47 mph

The race was very fast from the start with the field stretched out most of the time. Nick and PJ sat in the field waiting for a chance to make a move and on the final time up the hill through the feed zone PJ attacked and went clear of the field. He was joined by a small group and stayed away until the finale with PJ taking 5th and Nick staying well positioned to take 19th.

Overall GC Cat. 2:
Nick Maimone: 8th, 27 second back
PJ Runyon: 11th, 31 seconds back

Pro 1/2 Women:
Emily MacKay: 67th

In the Pro / 1/2 Women's Race, Emily had a hard time with the heat and pace but managed to finish and make the time cut. She will race tomorrow and might I say a very gutsy ride today. It would have been easy to pull over and quit.

With the TT tomorrow, things could get very interesting. More to come.

Ciao for now,
Ron Ruggiero