Fitchburg Stage Race Update: Day 1 Circuit

Just a quick update from Fitchburg. Terrible ride up in traffic..actually had to stop in Greenwich, CN to get a room because of bumper to bumper
traffic on I-95. Got into Fitchburg around 9:30 AM finally. Missed the junior race but here is what the team did today.

Juniors: Cat. 1/4  Strong international field of 84 riders:
Tommy Schubert: 22nd
Booey Hottenstein: 25th
Nick Roeder: 38th
Matt Waller: 39th

7 laps, 22 miles.
Average speed for the youngsters, 28.6 mph!
All finished just in field with the road race tomorrow.

Men's Cat 2 race, 100 starters:
Nick Maimone: 5th
PJ Runyon: 31st.
16 laps, 50 miles.

Nick got in a break with about 5 laps to go and helped power it to a 25 second final gap. Just a great and well deserved result. PJ road at the front on the hill the final 4 laps and did a great job to make the break successful.

Women's Pro 1/2
Emily MacKay: 63rd.
11 laps, 34 miles.

I know Emily was not happy about results but seeing that she took her M-Cats yesterday and then spent 6 hours in the car dodging semi's and other road hazzards, getting up at 6 AM and spending another 3 hours in the car to get to the event...I'd say she did amazing.

So I'll have more to come tomorrow. Hopefully some photos too.
Ron Ruggiero