Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: my Friend Steve at Ironsport Gym

Jalanine Ulsh and Krista Spuglio

I discovered IronSport Gym ( back in 2003. I was looking for a serious place to strength train specifically addressing the muscles involved in cycling, and was trying to avoid joining one of those horrible chain gyms like Fitness Planet, etc. I was looking for a place where the atmosphere was of serious lifting, and I was looking for owners who really knew the mechanics of lifting for specific sports, in my case, cycling. I made a premilinary visit that February of 2003, and was totally hooked. I witnessed college athletes, women doing olympic weightlifitng, men doing some strongman-type workouts and some serious male and female powerlifters. I knew I had found my spot!

 I have a soft spot in my heart for this place, and for its owner, Steve Pulcinella , who is a walking, talking encyclopedia of strength training knowledge (the laughs and jokes are extra and on the house - coz, Steve may look like a serious dude, but he is one funny guy!!). I strongly believe that Iron Sport Gym is the only gym in this area, the Philly area,  specifically designed for hardcore athletic training.

Even though its outside tof Philly, Its not hard for me to get to, i typically hit it on my commute to-and-from my Delaware office ,just off of I-95 near the airport. You will not find the quality of strength-building equipment  anywhere else, and the knowledge-base that Steve has  is also something you won't find at most chain gyms.

This place is a true gem: I guarantee that Steve knows every single member's name, his/her history, his/her children, his/her spouse's name, etc. When you walk in, tghey know who you's like one big family, and because I am part of that family who has done so much for me all those years, I just felt i had to give the place some 'props'.

This is what's so cool about the place: many of the visiting Pro Team Athletes (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA) actually stop by to work out at this place (the photos are on the wall!! so cool!)  Last summer Theresa Cliff Ryan and her husband Gary did all their in season strength training there (and I kept asking Steve to SPY on my behalf because, if she's winning the NRC, I wanted to know her training secrets!! ). And here is the best part . . . this place is only $30 a month for trisatevelo members, no contract and absolutely no upfront fees, you just pay month-to-month (i've been away and have just asked them to suspend my membership while i'm away) which totally keeps me there year after year...I've been  a member there now for seven! time flies!

 Feel free to contact me directly via the contact form on the TSV site for more information: here are the details:

The address is 505 S. Chester Pike Glenolden PA 19036,

or you can call Steve at  610-237-3840


Cassandra King