Tri-State Velo Returns to Open Category Racing in Splendid Fashion

TSV Elite Team

Tri-State Velo’s history has been highlighted by its development of some of the country’s finest cyclists.  That list of young riders includes Nicole Rienhart, Gideon Massie, Kyle Wamsley, Lauren Franges, Sarah Uhl and Cindy and Andy Lakatosh, just to name a few.  In more recent years for one reason or another we have become more of a master’s team.   While that has been rewarding there has been something missing…the development and support of new energy in the form of a developmental team. 

Well, do we have a team!?!   Senior riders Nick Maimone, Lee Sobotkin, P.J. Runyon  and Dave Casale provide the age (21-28) and experience, while Junior’s Booey Hottenstein, Nick Roeder and Tommy Schubert provide the exuberance and energy of our latest venture into Category 3/4 racing.  Their early season results show a well conditioned team, executing team tactics to win, place and show in every test they’ve entered, thus far. At the Philly Phlyer Team Time Trial the junior squad of Nick Roeder, Tommy and Booey with crusty, old Steve Lehman as caboose rode to a third place finish among the 85 teams entered.  Nick Maimone led teammates Dave Casale and Lee Sobotkin to an outstanding 17th place overall. 

Later that day the team exhibited mastery of team tactics in getting Nick Roeder up the road with two other riders and went about blocking the remainder of the 55 rider field to a race for fourth place.  Nick held on for a second place finish, Schubert won the bunch sprint and Nick Maimone finished 12th.  Booey was crashed out and Dave Casale finished in the field. This Saturday Nick Roeder and Tom Schubert rode extremely well (this time individually) in their respective categories at the Union Grove Road Race in Lancaster County.  Nick finished second in the Cat 3 race, while Tommy rode off the front to a win in the Cat 4 contest. 

On Sunday the team of Roeder, Schubert, Hottenstein, Sobotkin, Maimone and P.J. Runyon again gave the Category 3/4 field a lesson in preparedness and beautifully executed team racing.  Runyon and Schubert were able to make good an early attack with a rider of another team.  The rest of the squad rode herd on the field, thwarting all efforts to bring the breakaway back.  Finally, after seeing that all attempts were for naught the field decided to race for fourth place.  This submission was rewarded with late race attacks by our team which got Nick Roeder and one other rider up the road.  At the finish Schubert finished with his second win of the weekend and Runyon rolled across in third.  Roeder, not being interested in a relationship, dropped his break-mate and finished in fourth position.  As a final reward to the “patient” field Hottenstein won the field sprint for sixth overall and Maimone nailed a well earned eighth place finish.  Sobotkin followed in the field. So, five races, two wins and six podium finishes, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. . .or does it?  I can’t wait to see this team carve its way through the season.  Go Team TSV!        

Respectfully submitted by

Coach Steve Lehman