Tommy Schubert's Race Report

The following is TSV’s Junior, Tom Schubert’s account of the Bethlehem Crit on Saturday, May 30 and the Bob Rodale Fitness Park Criterium on Sunday, May 31, 2009. . .enjoy:

2009 Bethlehem Criterium - Well, where to start? Lets see, race day in the beautiful city of Bethlehem. I started the day warming up on the course and I noticed that I have a team mate, Lee, and was talking to him and he said that we had another Tri-State guy coming to the race. So, about time. I thought, "We could do some damage today." Now the race starts and for some reason I could not get clipped in for a while, but thankfully i did. Any way on turn three on lap 1 i was in the peleton and i notice 2 of my teammates are up the field so i quickly bridged the gap(to them) hoping that we could get away. About a half lap later they (the peleton) were starting to catch us so our other team mate dropped back and blocked the field for a bit to get us ahead and make the peloton work. It didn’t last though and we shortly gave up. Another 2 or three laps later i noticed a break away with 3 guys, and 1 of them is on Tri-State. So i got to the front of the peloton, stayed in 2nd place and sat on the wheel of who ever was going to try to bring them back. So when ever it came to me to pull i’d slow the whole thing up. Another lap or two later the break was still out there, but we were starting to catch them. So the person pulling the peloton picked up the speed too much and there was then a gap between me and the peloton, so i sprinted to catch them bloody cyclists. When i caught them i yelled, "Go go go!" Right away we 4 began to work. I did a couple of fairly long hard pulls to give the other guys a break and we all started to work together great. Now, when we were doing this, Lee, still in the peloton as i hear worked his but off to get to the peloton and slow them down big time while we chugged along by. After a while the peloton lost sight of us and just gave up. So now my teammate was telling me quietly, recover, so now its almost 1 lap to go and its just us 4 and then when they rang the bell Syd Lea on FUJI, just started sprinting and doing everything he could to get me off his wheel. And while i was on chasing Syd my other teammate sat the wheel of the other guy just in case. Syd for some reason pulled the entire lap, fairly fast to around 30+ for a lap and when it came to the final stretch i slung around him and took the w (for the old folks like Coach Steve Lehman, w is for win).  I later found out that our breakaway had a 45 second lead on the peloton. A really good team win today and if it wasn’t for the team i wouldn’t of done the way i’ve done.

2009 Bob Rodale Fitness Park Criterium - Next race day yet again, but this time its on my home field in TTown. Yet again, i noticed that i had a teammate. So now the race. Right when it started i got up front and i wanted to get to the turn first so that i didn’t have to slam my brakes to get around it and to also make the peloton work and feel some pain if the didn’t warm up correctly. The peloton was riding stung out for a while and then some one took the wheel that i was using, so i broke away and made the peloton work to catch me. Next lap i noticed my teammate move up in the field, so i quickly moved up also and when he broke off the front, i stood up and slowed down the field. The next lap the same thing happened, but this time some ding-dong said f u to me. Why do people take some of these races so seriously? Anyway, another lap later i saw that the field had it too easy at a nice pace, so i initiated a break right before the hardest of the course to string out the field and to tire out the part of the field that was sitting in. But while i broke away someone bridged the gap and counterattacked me so i sat on his wheel and by the time the peloton caught us the guy that counterattacked me was spent, he was spinning faster then normal and just looked tired. So now it’s last lap, the bell rung and the pace started to pick up again. i was around # 5 in the field and when we came to the hill i initiated the final break, and by the time i got to the head of the peloton i was going way faster then him (the lead rider) so he couldn’t get on my wheel. So i sucked up some pain and held the break to the finish. This is the confusing part though, 2 wins in 2 days and my calves are full of rookie rings (black, greasy, chainring marks). When I say full I mean full even on my left leg on the outside. How does that happen? Well, that’s the fun filled adventure of a 16 year old punk having fun. C ya.  Tom Schubert

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