Mission Statement


Mission Statement:
Tri-State Velo was conceived in 1994 and brought to fruition by a dedicated group of racing cyclists who share the belief that a cycling club can be successful at both the grass roots and elite levels of competition.

Tri-State Velo is primarily a racing organization. Our open enrollment policy welcomes anyone interested in learning about, supporting, or competing in the sport of cycling.

Tri-State Velo provides support, both material and financial to the members of it's racing team. Experience, results, commitment, and need are used as the criteria to determine a rider's level of support.

Organizational Goals:
Increase public's awareness of cycling as a sport.Focus club's support on USCF Juniors and Espoirs. Promote our sponsors. Develop TSV's Senior Men and Women's Teams. Organize and promote races. Expand club membership. Maintain communication between club members and among our sponsors.

Promotional Strategies:
Staff aid in the organization of yearly charitable and promotional events. Such as the Wachovia Amateur Bike Challenge, MS 150 Ride and the Kennett Pike Association first annual "Bike the Pike" event.

Enter competitive teams in the Liberty Classic, Tour of Somerville, Univest Grand Prix, Mount Holly Grand Prix, Housatonic Classic and Fitchburg Stage Race. These events receive national and international media attention.

Promote race events. In 2003 we were the host organization for the Lance Armstrong Time Trial and the Subaru Manayunk Wall Climb. Both events preceded the Wachovia US Pro Race and were witnessed by thousands of spectators and hundreds of competitors. We also promoted the Allentown Sportsfest criterium in Allentown, PA. We are actively promoting the Philadelphia Naval Yard Criterium and the Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial, two amatuer events held within Philadelphia proper.  

Compete in regional road and track races from March through October. In 2003 the Amoroso's / Victory Brewing Racing Team competed in over 100 separate events throughout the tri-state area, providing our sponsors positive local, regional and national exposure.

Maintain a multi-level, high profile racing team, which attracts national caliber USCF Junior racers - ensuring positive media coverage for the team and its sponsors.

Obtain high visibility for our sponsors in the region with Tri-State Velo's unique and stylish "trademark" uniform design, which prominently displays our sponsor's corporate logos. Daily training rides of our 140+ members ensures continued visibility throughout the year.

Include corporate logos and trademarks on all promotional material and support vehicles.

Maintain our award winning website www.tristatevelo.com and link our visitors to our sponsors own informational sites.

Cycling is a multi-faceted endeavor. Like many other sports it can be experienced on a recreational, amateur, or professional level. But unlike baseball, football or soccer, there is no little league for cycling. The United States Cycling Federation, although well intentioned, has done little to stem the ³graying² of its membership and the number of licensed junior riders has steadily decreased.

Where will the next Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong or Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter Marty Nothstein come from?

The members of Tri-State Velo believe that it is up to individual member clubs to foster participation in the great sport. TSV is leading the way in uniting seasoned Master racers with great supportive sponsors to support young athletes reach their full potential.

Whether senior or junior, male or female, beginner or elite cyclist, Tri-State Velo provides the structure, programs and support needed to let each rider participate in the sport of cycling.