Maria Collazo

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Born: Philadelphia, PA, 1962

Years Racing: A very long time...about 24 years

How I got my start in racing? Riding on the bikepath along the Drives in my Fred-gear, when suddenly a very large, lycra-clad group swarmed past. No longer could I resist the lure of wearing lycra and riding my bike competitively.

Racing Highlights:

There were a some memorable highlights ... participating in a couple of Olympic Trials in the 90's; winning the Coupe des Amerique (stage race in Quebec); racing in the inaugural Liberty Classic (finishing 17th) and completed 7 of the 9 entered; competed in the 2003 Elite Nationals Road Race; 1st Michaux Meltdown TTT. I'm sure there are others, but my memory has failed me.

Favorite Race: The last race I won : ) Although in 2005, I had a great time at the Iron Hill Twilight Criterium.

Funniest Race Experience: "Back in the day" while racing at the Tour of Nutley, Betty Tyrell shouts out, "there's a man in our field!, there's a man in our field!". Actually, it was a VERY scary "muscular" woman.

Toughest Race (ok, maybe not so fun): There have been plenty of tough ones, but I don't think the Killington Stage Race will ever come off the top.

What has gone through my head while in my own world of pain And I paid money to do this???

Favorite Food: It depends, but it should always be delicious.

Favorite Beverage: Coffee in the a.m.; vino in the p.m.

Favorite TV Show: The Weather Channel - "Local on the 8s"

Favorite Movie: The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy

Hobbies: Recovery.

Favorite Saying/Motto: "What doesn't kill you; makes you stronger."