Tri-State Velo Returns to Open Category Racing in Splendid Fashion

TSV Elite Team

Tri-State Velo’s history has been highlighted by its development of some of the country’s finest cyclists.  That list of young riders includes Nicole Rienhart, Gideon Massie, Kyle Wamsley, Lauren Franges, Sarah Uhl and Cindy and Andy Lakatosh, just to name a few.  In more recent years for one reason or another we have become more of a master’s team.   While that has been rewarding the

The Sun is Finally Shining! March 2010 Updates

Paul Runyon 2010

 Dear TSV Members:

I looks like the weather will finally give us a break in the coming days and, hopefully, weeks.

As a Cyclist, If It's Not About the Bike, Then What???

Mom and Cass

In February of this year, i came to understand why Lance Armstrong coined the phrase "it's  not about the bike."
February of this year was not about the bike.


This Sunday (9/13/09) the Tri-State Velo 55+ team gave our field at the Yuasa Criterium a good lesson in negative racing. This form of racing is not the first thing you think of when you envision a bicycle race. It is relatively slow. All breakaway attempts are brought back and the field is kept together for the final dash to the finish.

Winning off the Front with Limited Talents

First; although I have decent fitness, I was a lot more fit earlier in the year, so that had little to do with the win.

The trick here is that before and during the race I was watching a number of conditions and riders very closely.  I also counted on my team mates to make quick and logical decisions during the race ... and they did, perfectly.  

CayeWhat? Cayey, Puerto Rico: Stage Racing in the Heat and Mountains of the Cordillera Central in August

Mad respect is what I have for my homeland's mountains and valleys.
Well, mostly the respect was earned by it's incredibly steep
mountains, specifically the mountains of the small 'pueblo' of Cayey,
Puerto Rico.

Thank You Amoroso's Baking Company by Cassandra King


Amoroso’s Baking Company
Leonard Amoroso Jr., General Manager
845 South 55th Street Philadelphia, PA 19143

July 11, 2009
Dear Mr.Amoroso,

2009 JBN Race Report by Steve Lehman

JBN Criterium, Bethlehem, PA - July 12, 2009

2009 Coupe des Ameriques Race Report

Dateline Sutton, Quebec, Canada, 6/27/09 - Despite three rain-soaked, back pain ridden stages and a very tough field here at the Coupe des Ameriques Stage Race, I am pleased with the results, so far.

Tommy Schubert's Race Report

The following is TSV’s Junior, Tom Schubert’s account of the Bethlehem Crit on Saturday, May 30 and the Bob Rodale Fitness Park Criterium on Sunday, May 31, 2009. . .enjoy:

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