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Tour of High Bridge 9/1 - By Alan Fody

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Keith Hatton and I traveled up High Bridge, NJ to race the men’s Cat 3 race on a very challenging circuit race. The course started with a very challenging, 3 part hill, which consisted of a 2 block, 17% grade wall, followed by 2 blocks of false flat into a head wind and 1 final block of ~8% grade.

Tandemonium 8/3 - By Keith Hatton

Everyone who starts an endeavor as demanding as cycling has a moment that they strive to achieve and thats what all the training and racing comes down to. Racing in a pro field on the track was the reason I started cycling in the first place. This past Tuesday (7/31) I was invited to join the pro men in racing on Friday, which was a dream

Arsenal Crit 7/15 - By Keith Hatton

This past sunday was Arsenal Crit set up by the good ole boys from Quaker City Wheelmen. The weather seems to just bring the heat continuously, and Sunday was no exception. I was signed up for the category men's 3 of 25 laps on a quick 6 corner "L" shaped flat course in the Naval Yard of Philadelphia.

Tour of Somerville 5/27 - By Dave Casale

Memorial day weekend in the Delaware valley brings a few standard things along with it; hot dogs and hamburgers on the barbeque, the first time that the mercury usual peaks passed 90°F, the unofficial start of summer, and for cyclists in the area it means Somerville.

Belgium Baby 5/20 - By Tommy Schubert

What else can I say but wow. This place is one-hundred times better than I thought. No exaggeration. The people, food, racing, roads, and cow-shit are all excellent. Most of the racing here starts at 15:00 so there is never a rush in the morning also.

Belgium Bound 5/18 - By Tommy Schubert

So the journey begins... While sitting in Starbucks talking to a family from the Netherlands reality is starting to hit me. Ooo-Ja. I am about to make the pilgrimage to cycling Meca. Belgium. OOoo-Ja. I am not exactly sure what to expect from the experience. I will be visiting Belgium for a little over three weeks and will be racing four to five days a week.

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