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FYBO South Jersey Spring Series 03/02/2014 - By Alan Fody

After this long, cold, and snowy winter I was excited and nervous about the first race of the year. I thought I was fit but I had no idea how good or bad the other riders in the race would be. My initial plan was to sit in the field and wait for the sprint. That plan lasted all of 2 laps when the field slowed and I threw a little attack.

Bicycle Racing Skills and Drills Intro Clinic - March 1st 2014

Some real skills, some not so real skillz!

Racing season is right around the corner!

Alan Wins Stoudt's Cross 11/03/2013 - By Alan Fody

Two Riders On The Podium

Keith Hatton and I raced the Men's 3/4 race at Stoudts cross. The course had a number of uphill sections, some mildly off camber downhill sections, and a technical stone step-up. I knew from my warm up laps that the course was going be very tiring, which suites me well. Keith had a first row start spot and I managed to sneak up to the 2nd row for the start.

Steve Lehman Wins 2000m Pursuit Masters National Championship 08/02/2013 - By Dave Casale

Another Championship, Another Win

In traditional fashion, Steve has won another national championship this past week at the Masters National Championship in Indianapolis, putting down an impressive 2:36.468 time for the 2000m individual pursuit. Congratulations to Steve!

Pedro Campos Wins Cat 3 PA State Criterium 07/28/2013 - By Pedro Campos

Team Celebrating the Win

That cycling is a team sport I already knew. But that fact gained a whole new meaning for me after this weekend's experience. Thanks to outstanding teamwork, communication and immense effort from teammates Alan Fody and Brett Houser, I finished off the sprint and crossed the line in 1st place for our win at the Liberty Criterium State Championship Cat 3 race.

Iron Hill Twilight Criterium 07/06/2013 - By Dave Casale

Steve on Podium at Iron Hill - if only the beer was better ;P

TSV category 2/3 riders were able to generate fantastic results at the Iron Hill Criterium this year, after a very difficult outing last season at this particular race. Racers must first compete in a morning qualifier at a local West Chester school, and then compete in the evening race some 6 hours later.

JBN & Course de Evesham-Marlton-Evesham 06/30/2013 - By Dave Casale

The Bread Boys @ Greentree

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have 7 riders at Course de Evesham-Marlton-Evesham, better known as the Thursday night Greentree course, with 6 riders competing in the 1/2/3 event. Looking to animate the race, the 1/2/3 TSV boys did a very good job of attempting to make it into just about every group up the road, without burning too many matches.

Stoopid 50 Backcountry Race 06/16/2013 - By Tim Manzella

Manzella Stoopid 50

After a couple of years of wanting to do this endurance mountain bike,I finally decided to actually do it.  I use to race mountain bikes mysenior year of college but it was only Cross Country and Short Trackevents, nothing this long.  I still ride my mountain bike a lot,especially during the fall and winter and have a lot of experience ona variety of terrain.

Killington Stage Race 05/27/2013 - By Brett Wachtendorf

This weekend Alan Fody, Brett Houser and Brett Wachtendorf competed in the Killington Stage Race in Killington Vermont. The race consisted of 2 road stages and culminated in a Time Trial.  Saturday was a 72-mile circuit race on rolling terrain with a high tempo climb about half way through each 18 mile loop.  Brett Houser went for an early break about 4 miles in to the race.

Tri-State Velo Riders to Compete in Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic

Tommy and Dave

Two Tri-State Velo elite team riders have been tapped to race the Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic on June 2nd.

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