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2013 Philadelphia Time Trial Results

Here are the results from the 2013 Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial

Final Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial Start Times

Here is the final list of start times for the event. Registration opens at 6 AM.Weather looks very good.Please do not park on the exit of the time trial...very important.See you all on Saturday and thanks for coming to our event.Ron Ruggiero 

Thanks To Everyone for coming to our Naval Yard Criterium

TSV would llike to thank everyone for coming to our race on April 6th. We had great fields and really nice weather. I also want to thank all our members who came out and gave of his or her time to help put on a great race. 

Lauren Wins Silver Medal in London 2012

Lauren Tamayo Silver Medal London 2012!

Here is Lauren with her new bling!

The is No Reward...or is there?

Here is a nice new article from Steve Lehman. Please click on the PDF link below.

2012 Philadelphia Time Trial Results

Thanks again for everyone that came out and all who helped with the event.

 Hope to see you all again next year.

 Ron Ruggiero


I’m learning the hard way how humbling this area is. This morning I had eaten at this café with Mike Midlarsky. Mike is a bike racer from the States on the Garmin Development team.

The Belgium Experience by Tommy Schubert

                  Mondays in Belgium are very calm. There are no races on Mondays and it seems like national café ride day. Since there was no racing a few of us went on a café ride out of town.

THE RACE by Stevel Lehman



2012 Naval Yard Criterium Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and made our race a great success.

 Here is the link to the results at USA Cycling.

Again, thanks to everyone that came out and also helped with the race.

Ron Ruggiero

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