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Andy Lakatosh:
Born: 4/22/85
Andy lives less than a mile from the Lehigh Valley Velodrome where he began his cycling career as a Pee Wee Peddler in the Air Products Developmental Cycling Program. Since that time, Andy has compiled quite a list of accomplishments and is recognized as one of the top junior cyclists in the country. At the age of 15, he is already a 4-time Jr. National Champion and holds 4 National Records!

In 2000, Andy won two Jr. National track titles for the Olympic Sprint and the Men 15-16 Omnium. He also broke the national records for his age group in the 200m and 500m time trials; records he holds for Men 13-14 as well. This makes him the only junior man to hold four individual national records! In 1999 he also became the youngest person to ever qualify and compete in Elite Nationals at age 14.

2001 promises to be a busy and exciting year for Andy. Besides competing at Jr. Nationals, he hopes to have the opportunity to race in his first international competition. He will also be competing every Friday night at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

His long term goals include the Junior World Championships in 2002 and 2003, and hopefully the Olympics someday. He is coached by Marty Nothstein and Gil Hatton.

Andy is a high honor student at Parkland High School and in his Œspare¹ time he enjoys barefoot waterskiing, hunting, rock climbing and roller blading.

Andy Lakatosh just took the Silver Medal at the first ever Kerin competition at the Junior World Track Championships in Melbourne, Australia.  Andy was also highly successful at this year's US National Track Championships; winning the Men's 17-18 Match Sprint, Men's 17-18 Kilometer, Junior Men Keirin, and Olympic Sprint. 

Andy was recently featured in the July1, 2002 issue of Sports Illustrated.  He was picked for the magazine's "Old Spice Athlete of the Month" Award.

Some of Andy's past results include:
National Achievements:

  • 2000 Jr. National Champion ­ Olympic Sprint Team
  • 2000 Jr. National Champion ­ Men 15-16 Omnium
  • 1999 Jr. National Champion ­ Men 13-14 Omnium
  • 1997 Jr. National Champion ­ Men 10-12 Omnium
  • National Record ­ Men 15-16 - 200 meter time trial
  • National Record ­ Men 15-16 - 500 meter time trial
  • National Record ­ Men 13-14 - 200 meter time trial
  • National Record ­ Men 13-14 - 500 meter time trial
  • 2000 Elite Nationals ­ 5th Place ­ Olympic Sprint
  • 1999 Elite Nationals ­ 4th Place ­ Olympic Sprint
  • 1998 Jr. Nationals ­ 3rd Place ­ Men 13-14 Omnium

Other Accomplishments:

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Men¹s Sprint Champion (6/00)
  • 1st Place, Marty Nothstein Track Series, Men 13-15 (8/00)
  • 1st Place, Service Electric Jr. Race Series, Men 13-15 (8/00)
  • 1st Place, Marty Nothstein Track Series, Men 13-15 (8/99)
  • 1st Place, 1999 PA BAR (Best All-around Rider), Men 13-14
  • 1st Place, 1999 PA State Road and Crit, Men 13-14 (5/99)
  • 1st Place, 1998 PA State Track Sprint Champ., Cat 4-5
  • 2nd Place, 1998 PA District Crit, Men 13-14
  • 2nd Place, Marty Nothstein Track Series, Men 13-15 (7/98)
  • 1st Place, 1997 PA State Track Championship, Men 10-12 
  •  Bicycling Racing League Champion-Lehigh Valley Velodrome
  • Air Products Developmental Cycling Program Champion

Lauren Franges:
Always sure to have a smile on her face, you'll find this young and talented up-and-comer at the front of any bunch sprint!

Some of Lauren's past results include:

  • Jr National Record holder in the 2 km pursuit both in the 13-14 age
    category, and the 15-16
  • Junior National Champion 96 (points race 13-14) jr women
  • 1999 Gold (pursuit 17-18) jr women
  • Five- time national medalist --jr women
  • 1999-Pan American Champion 99 (points race) jr women
  • 1999-2nd Pan Am games road race--jr women
  • 1999-2nd Pan Am games pursuit --jr women
  • 1999 -3rd Pan Am games time trial --jr women
  • 1999 -3rd Pan Am games sprints--jr women
  • 2000-7th Habana Del Este ( cuba stage race)--senior women
  • 2000-3rd Habana Del Este ( cuba stage race)--jr women
  • 2000-6th Tour of Somerville--senior women
  • 2000 Junior National Road Race champion
  • 2000 Junior National Crit champion

Neal Stansbury:

Neal, who's an orthopedic surgeon, has been racing since 1979, and as a category 1 since 1983. He's had an accomplished cycling career while remaining a partner in Valley Sports & Arthritis Surgeons in Allentown. Throw in maintaining a family life with wife, Debbie, and three daughters, and you're looking at one pretty hectic lifestyle! Neal has a simple philosophy:"The bottom line is there's no way to escape hard work. You have to put in the time to get the results. The faces and games may change, but the same logic applies."

Some of Neal's past results include:

  • 2003 Masters World Hour Record Holder (40+)
  • 2000 National Masters Criterium Champion (35+)
  • 2000 National Masters Time Trial Bronze
  • Gold medal 2000 Pennsylvania TT Championships (30+)
  • Bronze medal 2000 Pennsylvania Criterium Championships (1/2)
  • Silver medal 2000 Pennsylvania Criterium Championships (30+)
  • 2000 PennsylvaniaWinner Tour of Somerville (30+) 1999, 2000
  • Gold medal 1996 Pennsylvania Road Championships (cat1/2)
  • Gold medal 1996 Pennsylvania Criterium Championships (cat1/2)
  • Gold medal 1996 Pennsylvania Time Trial Championships (cat1/2)
  • Raced Pro National Championship in 1989 (39th) and 1992.

Steve Lehman

Born:  2 July 1947
Hometown:  Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Steve is a World and National Champion, and World Record holding cyclist whose roots are planted in his love of the bicycle. He has been a member of TriState Velo since its inception. Steve first got on a bike in 1984 at the age of 37. He came through the ranks of recreational/club cycling, triathlon, road racing and track racing.  In addition, he has had his race accounts published in numerous sports journals and magazines, coaches cyclists and triathletes and been a motivational speaker. He has done this while managing a career in financial services(retired), directing the American Cycling Academy  and Steve Lehman Tours, Ltd.   Since 1985 Steve has competed in over 325 bicycle races, triathlons and duathlons, placed top-five in over 250, while winning his category in over 130 events. 
Some of Steve's past results include:  
Current World Hour Record Holder, 50+ Masters - 44.54885 kilometers
2002 Masters World Track Champion - 2000m Pursuit                                             
2008 Masters North American Road Race Champion                                                
2008 & 1998 Coupe des Ameriques Stage Race, Quebec - Winner GC                
2008 Masters Regional Track Champion - 2000m Pursuit                                         
2008 Masters Regional Track Champion - 500m Time Trial                                      
2007 & 2005 Masters National Track Champion - 2000m Pursuit                         
2007 Masters Regional Track Champion - 500m Time Trial                                       
1997 Huntsman World Senior Games, Road Race (course record)                                      
1999 Tour of Somerville, Grand Masters Champion                                                         
1995 & 2000 Bermuda Grand Prix Stage Race - Winner GC                                     
1999 Bob Beal Stage Race, Rhode Island - Winner GC                                           
1997 & 1998 Killington Stage Race Sprint Leader and KOM                                         
1999 & 2001 Pennsylvania BAR (race series) Champion                          
1998, 1999, 2001 & 2002 Pennsylvania Masters Criterium Champion                                                   
1999 & 2004 Pennsylvania Masters Time Trial Champion                                                            
1998 European Masters Road Race Championship - 9th 50+                                 
1987 International Triathlon Championship - 3rd 40+
Steve Lehman Tours, Ltd.
648 West Spring Street
Fleetwood, PA  19522

Tanya Lindenmuth:
Born:  25-May-79

Don't be fooled by Tanya's easy-going disposition and contagious smile. This 17-year old is well-knows for her blistering speed and amazing track skill. In addition to the three Junior National titles, she was no stranger to the podium at the Trexlertown track in 1997 & 1998. Tanya also set two Lehigh Valley Velodrome junior female track records (200 meters nad 500 meters). She toured last season with the National Sprint Team.

Some of Tanya's past results include:

  • 2000 Olympian - sixth in matched sprints
  • World Track Cycling Championships: 1999-2001
  • Junior World Track Cycling Championships: 1997
  • Four-time National Track Cycling Champion: 1999-2001 (500m time trial, match sprint)
  • Junior National Track Cycling Champion: 1997 (omnium, 500m time trial, match sprint)
  • 1999 Gold Medalist Track Nationals
  • 1997 Three-time Junior National Champion
  • 1997 USA Cycling Junior Female Athlete of the Year
  • LVV Record Holder-200 meters and 500 meters
  • 1999 World Track Cycling Championships
  • 1997 Junior World Track Cycling Championships
  • National Track Cycling champion: 1999 (500-meter time trial, match sprint)
  • Junior National Track Cycling champion: 1997 (omnium, 500-meter time trial, match sprint)
  • U.S. National Team: 1998/1999 {as of 25 October}
  • World Track Cycling Championships (Berlin, Germany): 15th, match sprint
  • EDS Elite National Track Cycling Championships (Trexlertown, Pa.): first, match sprint, 500-meter time trial
  • World Cup #5 (Cali, Colombia): third, match sprint; eighth, 500-meter time trial
  • World Cup #4 (Fiorenzuola d'Arda, Italy): sixth, match sprint
  • GP Cottbus (Germany): first, match sprint
  • GP St. Denis (France): third, match sprint
  • EDS Track Cup #3 (Blaine, Minn.): third, match sprint; fourth, 500-meter time trial
  • EDS Track Cup #2 (Frisco, Texas): fifth, match sprint; seventh, chariot race
  • EDS Track Cup #1 (San Jose, Calif.): first, Italian pursuit; third, match sprint; seventh, Keirin
  • Copa Cuba: fourth, match sprint EDS Track Cup standings: second, sprint
  • 1998 EDS Elite Track Cycling Championships (Frisco, texas): fourth,sprints
  • 1997 Junior World Track Cycling Championships (Cape Town, South Africa): fifth, match sprint; seventh, 500 meters 
  •  EDS National Track Cycling Championships (Colorado Springs, Colo.): seventh, match sprint; eighth, 500 meters
  • Junior National Track Cycling Championships (Trexlertown, Pa.): first, omnium (17-18), 500 meters, match sprint; second, points race
  • GP St. Denis (France): sixth, match sprint
  • 1996 Junior National Track Cycling Championships (Kenosha, Wis.): fourth, match sprint (17-18)

Giddeon Massie: 
Born:  27-Aug-81 Most recent team: U.S. Cycling Team

  • 2003, 2002 World Championships, U.S. Team member » 2002 National Championships; (first, team sprint; second, match sprint) » 2001 National Championships; (second, match sprint; second, team sprint)

Sarah Uhl:
Born:  01-Aug-83 Most recent team: Saturn

Some of Sarah's past results include:

  • 2003 World Championship U.S. team member
  • 2000 Junior World Road Cycling Championships (gold, match sprints)
  • 1999 Junior National Road Champion
  • 1999 Junior National Criterium Champion
  • 1999 Junior National TT Champion
  • 1999 Junior National Track Champion
  • 1998 Junior National Time Trial Champion
  • 1998 Junior National Cyclocross Champion
  • 1997 & 1998 Junior National Criterium Champion
  • 1998 Silver Medal (500 Meter/Points Race/2K Scratch Race) Junior National Track Championships
  • 1997 Junior National Road Champion
  • 1997 Silver (Omnium) Junior National Track Championships